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Nichelle Womble

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Racism and discrimination remain topics of focus that continue to shape the lives, experiences, and results of the American people. These aspects continue creating privileges, systematically and socially, for Whites while disadvantaging Blacks. Today’s White person claims to not see color, but is that the truth? Perhaps they do not see color, but maybe a more honest statement is that they do not see blackness. Where did it all begin? To answer these questions, this paper explores “The Birth of a Monster,” better known as “whiteness,” by encompassing white privilege and supremacy. It will paint a picture from segregation to present day, of the development of White identity, in both White people’s minds and our court systems. Further, it will cover how this development has continually shaped the open anti-blackness mindset of today including, policing, the killings of Blacks at the hands of law enforcement, the lack of action by the courts, and the issues around housing, education, healthcare, and jobs.