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Welcome to the St. Thomas Law Review's Volume 30 Anniversary Issue. It is with great pride that the St. Thomas Law Review declares this historic issue as the "Voice of the Voiceless." Charged with a great task, the Articles Selection Committee' prudently and meticulously selected articles that highlight controversial topics that have been the subject of debate within the media and legal community. But it was not just controversial topics that the Committee sought. More importantly, the Committee's focus was on articles that provided a voice to unrepresented and underrepresented groups: the "voiceless." Accordingly, the articles included in this issue symbolize unity and empathy in a time when division and hatred seem to prevail. It is our sincere hope that this issue will not only educate others but also inspire others to be the voice for the poor, children, minorities, prisoners, and all other groups that have been marginalized so that they, and others like them, will no longer be silenced. Rather, their voices will resound loudly, knocking down every barrier that ever stood in their way. It is only then we can finally hear them!

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