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Since the beginning of the 1600s, slavery was a known issue in the United States (U.S.). Although slavery was abolished in 1863 as a result of the Civil War, slavery persists in the present day. Modem day slavery is human trafficking. Although there is a misconception that human trafficking is only an international issue, victims need not cross international borders to be trafficked. Even though trafficking suggests movement or travel, there is no requirement that victims must be transported in order for trafficking to take place. Annually, approximately 700,000 victims are trafficked within U.S. borders. In the U.S. alone, there is an estimated 100,000 American children trafficked for sex each year. In 2016 in the U.S., 5,748 human trafficking cases were reported. Out of those reported cases, 1,828 were children. The Department of State stated that there are more than twenty million adults and children that qualify as victims of modem slavery worldwide. Human trafficking is deemed to be the third largest criminal activity in the world aside from drugs and the illegal arms industry."

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