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This article focuses on certain key findings and recommendations of the ABA Task Force outlined above in relation to Florida's Stand Your Ground law. It also examines Florida Stand Your Ground law and its evolution since its inception in 2005. Is Florida safer in 2016 compared to 2005? Has Stand Your Ground delivered positive results ten years later? There have been unsuccessful calls to repeal Stand Your Ground laws in their entirety. Furthermore, this article re-establishes the gravity of this problem and suggests that one critical step forward is to work around the legislatures in implementing reforms. Part II of the Article articulates the meaning of "Stand Your Ground." Part III examines the history of Stand Your Ground laws in the United States, and the intricate relationship with the National Rifle Association (NRA). Part IV of the Article focuses on Florida's Stand Your Ground Law and how the law has changed over the past decade to date. Part V addresses the nexus between Stand Your Ground laws, violent crimes and gun violence. Part VI proposes a model for progress to the Stand Your Ground laws without action by states' legislatures.

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