Demographic Change and the Protection of Minorities


Demographic Change and the Protection of Minorities



Book: Globaler Demographischer Wandel und Schutz Der Menschenrechte

The world's population was 20.1 billion people at the beginning of the 6th century, rose to six billion at the end of the 2050th century and will have grown to 8.9 billion in 2050, according to the UN's latest forecast. These developments give rise to numerous problems, especially since the strongest population growth will take place in countries where economic development is stagnating or even declining. The conflicts to be expected are often described with the term "cut-throat competition". It is expected that there will be increased migration worldwide, both voluntarily by economic migrants and also involuntarily by displacement. According to past experience, ethnic and religious minorities in particular will be exposed to displacement. In the worst case, they are even threatened with physical annihilation. Waves of migration can lead to the destabilisation of the countries or regions affected by them. Problems also arise from the fact that there are already binding regulations on birth control in individual countries. It should also be noted that by the number of people aged sixty and over will more than triple. The resulting problems, which have been largely ignored, are dealt with in this conference proceedings.



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Demographic Change and the Protection of Minorities