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The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing


Script for Trailer: “40 More Writing Hacks for Appellate Attorneys”

Fade in on aerial view of Washington, D.C.

Zoom in on Supreme Court Building. Chopper sounds. Enter helicopter fleet flying by.

Cut to Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., sitting at his desk, reading. He rubs his forehead. Tired. Anxious. Distraught.

Chief: “What a mess! This brief could have been 10 pages shorter!”

Phone rings. Chief answers on speaker.

Law clerk’s voice through phone: “Chief, turn to Appellee’s brief. You’ve got to see this!”

Chief picks up different brief. Flips it open. Zoom in on face. Eyes widen. Jaw drops. He takes off his glasses and whispers: “Finally!”

Fade to black.

White text fades in on screen: “Make your judge confident.”

Text fades out and new text fades in: “Brian C. Potts, ‘40 More Writing Hacks for Appellate Attorneys,’ 21 Scribes J. Legal Writing 142 (2024).”

Text fades out. Fade back into chambers.

Chief, holding winning brief: “It still could’ve been shorter.”


Reviews of “40 More Writing Hacks for Appellate Attorneys”

“Hack number 73 is worth the price of a subscription to Scribes. Who knew lines could mean so much?” —New Pork Rinds

“The best thing since ‘40 Writing Hacks.’” —People’s Daily Bread

“I’ve read worse.” —Wally’s Street Journey

“‘40 More Writing Hacks for Appellate Attorneys’ is the lamely named sequel to ‘40 Writing Hacks for Appellate Attorneys.’ … You should read ‘40 Writing Hacks’ before reading ‘40 More Writing Hacks.’ Otherwise, the plot won’t make sense.” —The Yomiuri Shimbunny

“If ‘Begs the question’ does not mean what many attorneys think it means, that begs the question: What does it mean?” —US Slay Today

“A style guide should be fun to read. This one was meh.” —Brian A. Gardner

“We weren’t sure we needed the first 40. We certainly didn’t need the second 40. We hope it’s the last 40.” —South Bend Tribulation

“The hacks work! They really work!” —Chicago Spun-Rhymes

“I will never make these mistakes again.” —Boss-Tone Herald

“Mandatory reading in our newsroom.” —Dallas Morning Snooze

“Make it stop!” —Sun Sentimental

“Don’t quote me. But I secretly love it.” —Dr. Terri LawClerk

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